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All-Around Wellness

Taking care of health, beauty and freshness 

Services & treatments

Wellness, comfort and rejuvenation facilities  are perfectly combined with very capable and professionally trained staff, because we care about you – every aspect of offered services are designed for your well being.

Our suites of great swimming pools, massage parlors and other facilities  are both impressive and flexible to your needs. Ambiance of natural sunlight and great medical treatments will make you feel like you have re-born, or at least being young again.

Swimming pools & saunas

Relaxation & well being in beautiful ambiances

We are providing the best of aesthetic, anti-aging and detox medicine using latest technologies with the utmost care in order to safely treat their clients. Various treatments are available 

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Comfort, serenity and natural environment are perfectly combined here, because we care about your well-being.

Get your body in state of zone with medically trained staff

beneficial for those suffering from muscle tension, restriction of movement brought about by either poor posture or misalignment of the physical body.

Face and body massage designed to relieve tension, promote circulation and relax the nervous system.

This body massage is brought about by a fusion of traditional Eastern therapies. Its method is to work the body into a series of yoga like stretches, muscle compression and more …

Fitness center

Designed for comprehensive individual exercise programs, guided by personal trainers. The windows overlooking the sea and the coast can be opened. Pool training with premium feeling.